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It would seem that the 2010 regulations for the Formula One Championship are nowhere near being set, which is causing concern for all involved. Despite some "constructive" talks in Monaco over the Grand Prix weekend we appear to be no closer to forming the regulations, doing nothing to make Formula One attractive for BMW in 2010 and doing nothing to make Toyota re-consider a much speculated move out of the sport at the end of the year.

Politicking is quintessential to Formula One due to the exhorborant cost of competing at the highest level, which means that all the competitors are unwilling to agree anything that will directly effect their performance in the short term. Of course the manufacturers are unwilling to support a set of rules and regulations that benefit the independent teams and the independents cannot compete on the same level as the manufactuer teams.

The latest ramblings coming out of the woodwork suggest that a £45 million budget cap will be introduced in 2011 to allow the teams to re-assign or lay off hundreds of members of staff in the next few areas. Between now and then the manufactuer teams will assist the independents with cheap powertrain deals and leased chassis, which should allow teams to compete on the cheap until the budget cap is introduced.

Of course everyone involved is oblivious to the damage this is doing to the sport but why would that matter.... ?

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