Moving FTW

So I have now officially moved and it's just like not moving but with 100% more ironing, which is the epic fail. Been keeping busy with some films thanks to proximity of the Vue:

Doubt – tale of deadly suspicion set in a Catholic school earlier in the 20th Century. Excellent performances all round.

Push – sci-fi tale of those with supernatural powers. Chris Evans and Dakota Fanning do a good job but the real stars are the soundtrack and cinematography, which set the scene perfectly.

Other than that it has been pretty quiet round this way but it should be picking up in March- got a few things planned already:

14th – heading over to the Science Museum for special exhibit.

15th – seeing the Watchmen movie.

27th – 29th – keeping busy with F1’s opening race down under in Melbourne. Will finally see if the BBC know what they’re doing.

N.B. Need to take more pictures of anything and everything, starting with my current abode.

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