Catch Up should really send out monthly emails to remind me to blog every so often because I really suck at remembering to actually put my thoughts down. So here we go with super quick summerising time:


Quantum of Solace - quick and simple. Kind of like a dumbed down Call of Duty 4 with meh graphics. Can’t really recommend at full price, so maybe best to rent or wait for some Credit Crunch style reductions. Either way it is better than the film.

Little Big Planet - bought it, put it in, played for about 2 hours and never picked up again. Doesn’t really have the WOW factor.

Mirrors Edge - nice. Very nice. Seems to be really short though - already more than half way through after a couple of hours. Some of the moves are quite tricky and the combat can really suck if there is more than one bad guy.

Far Cry 2 - addictive as hell and with a semi-respectable plot. Oh and the fire is really sexy in that it burns anything in its path. Multiplayer was a bit meh but has picked up as more people have put the game in their greasy hands.

Battlefield Bad Company - funny. The dialogue not the gameplay you understand. The weapons are bid and loud and the set pieces are fun if not a little repetitive. Never seems to end though - there is always one more mission. Multiplayer is respectable and lag free.


Quantum of Solace - oh dear. No plot and some non-stop camera flipping made it quite difficult to follow. Not as good as Casino Royale.

More next time kids. Remember to play safe now.

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