Oh Noes I Forgot How To Post!

Well that isn’t exactly true in the literal sense because I am blogging now but I needed a title to explain my general lack of bloggage. Maybe Oh noes I forgot how to sleep would have been better? Who knows and who cares?

Anyways I have been playing with some sweet toys on my blog and here is a list:
  1. Twitter for WordPress - puts Twitter on my blog! Nice.
  2. WP Ajax Edit Comments - nice new Ajax comment thingy.
  3. WordPress.com Stats - a nice interface to look over my stats.
Of course it would have made more sense to spend my time actually blogging rather than pulling reviews from my other site to fill out the blog with but then I find it more fun to fiddle with these things.

Plugins are fun and deadly as I managed to destroy my blog (and possibly my soul) at least 7 times in just 10 minutes due to corrupting and incompatible software. Yay indeed.

More when I have time…

Posted byMichael at 20:57  

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