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I knew it and so did you deep (oh so deep) down. Mac users are officially sexier than Windows users according to Adult toy seller Lovehoney, whose Google Analytics feed suggests that more Mac users use their site compared to Windows users. The Mac community spent longer on the site than Windows or Linux users but when it came to dropping some cash for some playthings the Linux community came in tops with an average spend of £48.55 compared to Mac users £40.38 and Windows users £34.59.

It appears that someone forgot to tell Microsoft that HD-DVD was more doomed than the next Sly Stallone remake because they just dropped the price to $129.99 stateside. As well the ultra cheap high def drive Microsoft will also chuck in five discs, which makes it a very nifty deal, assuming you only want to buy five high def discs until the next high def format (read: Blu-ray 2) drops. Amazon went temporarily crazy earlier and started selling the unit (*giggles*) with six discs for only 60 of your American dollars. Of course this reduction hasn’t made its way over to the old UK, so I will just keep on saving for that Blu-ray player (read: PS3). I’ve really got to see Superbad in high def.

In other slightly Microsoft related news Bioware dropped news of new downloadable content for Mass Effect, which will supposedly set us back 400MS points, last for around about 90 minutes and pleasure us with 50 more Gamescore. While this may sound like Pimms o’clock I would rather hand over 400MS points in exchange for a working Autosave system but that would be worth at least 1000MS points no doubt.

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