Review: The Contractor (2007)

The Contractor is a particularly odd film because it is rated a 15 and therefore you would assume it would deal with some fairly adult subjects but in fact it is actually aimed at a much younger audience. The plot is fairly simple, James Dial (Wesley Snipes) is brought back out of retirement to kill a terrorist who he failed to kill years earlier an incident he has never been able to forget. What could possibly go wrong?

After the assassination Dial and his partner are chased by the cops and following a pretty unspectacular car crash his partner dies and Dial escapes back to the safe house to avoid the police. It is here that he runs into Emily (Eliza Bennett), one of the residents of the flats he is held up in, who wants to help him. This is definitely where the film starts falling apart however this isn’t due to any poor acting or a particularly weak script but because the pace of the film slows down dramatically as the director (Josef Rusnak) obviously wanted to focus on the relationship between Dial and Emily. The downside to this change of focus is that the film never really lives up to Snipes previous work such as the ever stylish Blade, or the chaotic US Marshals that never missed a beat throughout.

As Dial and Emily get to know each other the police are hot on their trail as Windsor (Charles Dance) meets up with Collins (Ralph Brown), the US officer who gave Dial the instruction to kill the terrorist. During a chase sequence at the airport Dial tells Windsor about his connection to Collins only for Collins to pump him full of bullets only seconds later. With Windsor out of the way his daughter, who also happens to be a cop, takes up the hunt and soon begins working out that Collins has a fair few skeletons in the closest. As you would imagine all ends happily ever after as Collins is brought to justice and Snipes heads back to his ranch, where he later invites Emily and her grandmother, to watch him unleash his horse.

All very poetic but not very Snipes (the man who brought us Blade), this is definitely one to miss.

Rating: 4/10

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